Between push and pull, was solace...!

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The Black Hole Introduction
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Brand-new from the Mezzanine Series featuring old hotel and chamber floors Find "atrium of life" in Starship Command


Black holes command tremendous power.  Everything, even colours, entering the accretion disk and swept across the event horizon will never be seen again. Adding this truth to the experiences of everyday life provided the impetus and desire to depict a  somewhat symmetrical simplicity. 
Dedicated Products/Albums
 To those that have come very close to
the black holes of life

 where simplicity and basic order come to be valuable. A place of balanced soul, grounded reality and revealed Spirit

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William Harrison

Aiding humanity/hurricane relief. Woodworker, MBA, former University instructor has worked with a variety of consumer goods manufacturers in fields of confectionery, tea, coffee, giftware and export/import. Merchandising techniques and concept-to-creation manufacture/distribution of impulse items selling though-out the United States. Now residing in a more peaceful setting, the aim is to colorfully depict simpler times and a peace for mankind in our universe.
 A created union of colours of up-to 70 individual pieces  assembled and complimenting each other with pieced-transition of design and concept, exposing linked suggestion to break-away thought. All art technique in-house which creates symmetrical presentations of wall/storefront window merchandising art, at times balanced between seemingly competing levels of colour. 
 Often, there will be some smaller pieces along with some promotional pieces special priced to the wise shopper. All shall have value that is unique in many respects. Please ask!
 Spring 2011 Promotion
(2 for1) LTD!!
Three artworks for 1 ounce of gold+$350 credit/rebate on anything!
A Great Deal!!!
Professional finish/Q Review.
 Strategic protected venues for display and relationship. Complete satisfaction!
 Prices of $250-550-$1050 s.r.p. with distribution allowances according to industry standards. Prices depend on size of individual pieces with custom availability and design. There are promotions! 



"One More Day"

Many artboards are on next pages. Please let me know if you find problem
or complaint about how they are seen!
Sincere, I am!
William Harrison

'anniversary of memories'

'anticipated departure'

'hidden alms'

'illuminated passage'

'inducted energy'

'coming November'

'autumn twilight'

'leaving footprints'

'lilac ridge'

'memories of a bookstore'

'one more day'

'orbital mission'

'revealed power'

'three-quarter cottage'

'tweeked day'

'tweeked memories'

All of the images you see above and beyond this message have been reduced to a 4" image horizontal with proportionate height decrease. Generally speaking, every image is from an original photo measuring an estimated 22"'s in width, varied height. To make a long story short, these images are tiny compared to the original and they lose a lot of detail (aka information/personality).

'valley home'

'the wall of solace'

'wandering around'

'voice of the past'

'road to oldtown'

'old board remnant'

'remnant 756 Mezzanine Series'

'echo of memory'

'blue moon at midnight'

'blue moon pass'

'after the rain'

Made in United States of America
Targeted Special Market Focus:
Composers-Performers-Corporate  Principals and Professionals

"I call these products albums"

Thematic Wanderings/Produce

Windows of the Soul, the One
'wisdom and understanding'
Remnants, Mezzanine Series
'old hotel/atrium/chamber floors'
Albums of Corporate Memory
'executive offering'
The Harbor Walk Collection
'in concept development' 
Windows of the World
'universal windows opened'
Mind Gold (June '11)
'albums that went gold'
Four Components of Consolidation (global concept series)
Paradiso, above and beyond 
'chilling colours'

 Ralph Lauren Acrylic Paints 
26 colour combinations
multitude color levels

"spirits chamber"
extraordinary rendition

Coming in 2009 Brand-new 
acrylic on masonite
 the Pacific Coast Collection.. 
Just email and say
"Can I join You"
and I will connect imagination
to reality.. with reward.
Watch for Spring details
special thanks to Tiesto for the music &
God for the puddin' proof 
Now Under Construction!
You're ahead of the thinking.
(Uncle Albert's mini storage) 
Thank YOU Brandi.. may God's speed be yours and your return successful.

The very best substrate material in the marketplace today is used
the very best

Please enjoy Your visit
See the artboards (aka albums
Great Day to You.. Enjoy!

"my favorite season"


 Many of these Original works are pretty large in size measuring
24" by 24" in width, unframed.
Originally made for
store front merchandising
Thus the large size. Summer '09, New/Tighter/Sized/ORIGINALS
16" to 24" wide, square/rectangular/mitered 100% individually made, one PIECE at a time In a way, puzzling, I know. All are different and never replicated in recognizable form.
Let me know what you might like!
Thank YOU!
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Email is

Contract Design: Friendship, Maine 04547-0127
Telephone: 207.832.0490 EST USA
Time Zone: UTC minus 4 (Summer)

'foolish path'

'the decision'

'crossing over'


'day of birth'

'era of time'

'rinsed fresh'

'shadows of life'


'Sophie's Memory'

'spirits repose'

'spirits shield'

'summer alms'
endless summer

'Hattie's Cellar'

'might be'

'meadow of the mind'

'foolish path'

'after the rain'

'these studio walls'


'the solstice window'

'apparition at Lombard'

'island ambrosia'

'elements of thought'

'day of rest'

'conformed division'

'a brighter day'

'dreaming of the day'

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